Tashi Kyil 2018 - 19 Tour

Coordinators' Materials

IMPORTANT: What a Local Coordinator Needs to Do

Useful Sign

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Slide Show Scripts

Story of Tibet

Death & Dying

A Course in Happiness

Sand Mandalas

What is a Mandala?

Mandala Explanation and Construction (illustrated)

World Peace Mandala:  Brief Explanation

Medicine Buddha Mandala:  Brief Explanation

Chenrezig Mandala:  Brief Explanation

Directions for Constructing a Mandala Board 

Prayers, Sacred Dances, & Debate

Explanation of Buddhist Meditation


Explanation of Chenrezig Meditation

Explanation of Tara Meditation

Explanation of Medicine Buddha Meditation

Chenrezig Blessing

Medicine Buddha Blessing

21 Taras Blessing


Skeleton & Black Hat Dances

Tibetan Monastic Debate

Tibetan Workshops & Culture

Coloring Books

Tibetan Alphabet & Language

Prayer Flags

Butter Sculpture

Tibetan Altar

Eight Auspicious Symbols

The Four Perfect Friends - Story

The Four Perfect Friends - Picture

Mudras (Symbolic Gestures)

Om Mani Pedme Hung

Path to Enlightenment

Prayer Wheel

Tibetan Thangkas

Tibetan Recipes 

Vajra, Bell, & Beads

Handouts About Tibet

Tibetan Flag

A Brief History of Tibet

A Modern History of Tibet

Outline of Buddhism

Five Spiritual Traditions of Tibet

His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama